Just For Fun

GOT A FUN WEBSITE? Email me with the URL -- maybe I'll include it here.

HIGHLY COOL WEBSITES: Here, at the top, I'll list a very small selection of sites just for their unusually beautiful and/or innovative qualities.
· lecielestbleu.com has a number of highly entertaining experimental pages. You'll need Macromedia Shockwave and Flash plug-ins to make everything work here; make sure your sound is turned up too. Try out LA PATE A SON (described as "a sound toy and compositional tool conceived to encourage musical experimentation. Drag instruments, switches, and transporter pipes from the conveyor belt to the checkerboard above to make music. Rotate the pieces. Choose a melody. Change pitch, tempo and volume to fine-tune your composition") and fool around with PUPPETTOOL (my favorites are Equus and Female; Lucanus and Mosquito are not for the squeamish). http://www.lecielestbleu.com/html/main_lceb01.htm
· yugop.com is another remarkable site; it promies to offer, I imagine, hours of interactive fun. You'll need Macromedia Shockwave to enjoy it though. Each field at the bottom of the home page clicks you to a different function. http://surface.yugop.com/
· Craig Kroeger's miniml.com is the home page of a particularly elegant and innovative web designer; his 'links' page will take you, in turn, to a whole slew of sites that he himself has found 'interesting and inspiring': http://miniml.com/links/

WHICH OF THE GREEK GODS ARE YOU? Find out by taking a brief quiz at http://quizilla.com/users/truly-dippy/quizzes/??. While you're there, you can also find out what precious gem you are, which horror movie you're living, and which mythical creature you are.

REMEMBER 'LITE-BRITE(r)'? Remember playing with this endlessly as a kid? Well, even if you don't, now you can have your own virtual Lite-Brite(r) to play with ... online: http://www.sfpg.com/animation/instruc.html Here's to hours of luminous fun!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: just have a look. Make sure your sound is turned on. You're going to either love this or hate it. But one thing is for sure: these guys have their finger on the pulse of today's culture. http://www.homestarrunner.com/(And once you've met STRONG BAD, have a look at his own cartoons too, TEEN GIRL SQUAD: http://www.homestarrunner.com/tgsmenu.html. How meta can you get?)

BZZZPEEK: Have you noticed that each language has its own onomatopoeic words? This site collects them for you. (You'll need Macromedia Flash to enjoy it though.) http://www.flat33.com/bzzzpeek/index1.html

THE MOVIE ALPHABET GAME: Test the subtleties of your own visual memory by looking at these A-to-Z fragments of movie ads. http://lists.inanutshell.us/form/1.html

ADDICTING GAMES: You will be able to see how this site got its name. http://www.addictinggames.com/ . A particularly intriguing one is the Wireframe Skeleton. And if you liked the latter, have a quick look at The Man Project too.

WINDOW ON THE WORLD: Take a tiny little trip to another country without even leaving your desk. This fascinating site was put together to enable American employees working in different countries to become familiar with the customs of cultures other than their own, but the information covers a very broad cultural spectrum -- it is by no means focused only on business etiquette. http://www.windowontheworldinc.com/countryprofile/index.html

HOW MUCH IS INSIDE? I bet you don't know how many servings are in one jar of Vegemite! How about the amount of creamy filling in an Oreo cookie? or the volume of popcorn that can be popped using a two-pound bag? These industrious folks have done the math for you. Lots of fun pictures along with the text. http://www.cockeyed.com/inside/howmuchinside.html

VISUAL THESAURUS: This one is not only fun, it's ingenious -- and really interesting. If you love words and their connections with ideas and things, you could spend hours here. http://www.visualthesaurus.com/index.jsp

TELEVISION WITHOUT PITY: 'Spare the snark, spoil the networks' is their motto, and they make good on it every time. If you watch TV, you'll love this site. If you refuseto watch TV, you might love this site even more. http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com

YOU DECIDE: Is it art or ...? http://www.modestypanel.com/artorcrap/# . And, while we're on the topic, check out the MUSEUM OF BAD ART (http://www.mobagallery.org/). There's nothing else quite like it -- I'm glad to say.

WORLD WIDE WORDS: Exploring the English Language. This site focuses on the history of the English language and the development of new words. Weekly update of definitions and histories of words and phrases, both old and new. http://www.quinion.com/words/

THE GALLERY OF MISUSED QUOTATION MARKS: This one is a real "must." Best savored with a very "dry" sense of humor. http://www.juvalamu.com/qmarks/

THE BRUNCHING SHUTTLECOCKS: Who thought of this site anyway? A little edgy, sometimes over the top, but always clever. You may actually laugh out loud. Can't really be described -- you just have to visit the site and see for yourself. http://www.brunching.com

SONNET CENTRAL: 'Not intended for the scholar, per se, but for the reader, the Internaut with a weakness for poetry.' A collection of English-language sonnets, grouped by period and region or by author, and modernized for contemporary readers. http://members.aol.com/ericblomqu/sonnet.htm

MUST BE 18 TO CLICK HERE: Obscenity in Classical Latin. http://www.obscure.org/obscene-latin

THE FLASH MIND READER: How do they do it? http://mr-31238.mr.valuehost.co.uk/assets/Flash/psychic.swf

URBAN LEGENDS: Suicidal scorpions, Walt Disney on ice, exploding intestines, twins by different fathers -- it's all here. http://www.urbanlegends.com

THE SMOKING GUN: Wondering which celebrity is in trouble now? Or maybe you just want to see Yasmine Bleeth's mug shots. (Trust me -- you don't.) Here ya go. http://www.thesmokinggun.com

SPAM HAIKU ARCHIVE. Just what it says. If you think that one cannot move from the ridiculous to the sublime (and back) within the space of seventeen syllables, think again -- and check out this site. http://www.spamhaiku.com/

HOW GOOD [OR HOT] IS YOUR PROFESSOR? If you're in college, you have to sit and look at them day after day, so you may as well rate them. Here's a site where you can tell us how well they teach, how easy (or hard) they are, and, of course, whether they're sexy or not. http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/index.jsp

THE ANAGRAM GENIUS SERVER offers a program whereby you can input any text and receive, by email, the 200 or so best anagrams of that text. Try your name, some phrase or motto, or just about anything. Zany! http://www.AnagramGenius.com/server.html

THE DIALECTIZER (by Samuel Stoddard). Convert standard English to ... well, you'll see. http://rinkworks.com/dialect/

DAN'S MULLET HAVEN: Do you wear your hair in a mullet? Do you wish you did? Are you glad you don't? Any way you slice it, this is the site for you. http://www.fortunecity.co.uk/southbank/pottery/3/index.html

TWENTY QUESTIONS: Here's an online version of the classic game. http://www.20q.net/

THE EUPHEMISM GENERATOR: Generates suggestive-sounding euphemisms for activities as yet undiscovered by humankind. Click here for endless fun. http://walkingdead.net/perl/euphemism/

SIMEON'S CAVE OF MAGIC. See if you can figure out how it's done. http://www.caveofmagic.com