Temporary/Visitor Parking Passes will be available at the Information Booth at the main entrance to the University on Stanford Drive off either Ponce de Leon Blvd or US. 1 (which run parallel to each other). Ask for a parking pass that has been left by Dr. Rachida Primov for the Miami-Dade Outreach Program. Then ask for directions to the Pavia Garage, and from there, ask the attendant for directions to the Business School/Merrick Building near Stanford Circle. The Parking and Transportation map that will be included with your parking pass also shows the way from the Information Booth to the Pavia Garage, and then from Pavia to the Modern Languages Laboratory in the Merrick Building Room 201.

The initial meeting place for workshops is the Eleonore Graves Tripp Modern Languages Laboratory in the Merrick Building Room 201. The Merrick building is located to the left of the Business School across from the University Center and the Bookstore.

Please remember to place the pass face up on your dashboard while parked on campus. Temporary passes are valid in Commuter and Residential lots on the Coral Gables campus, but not at parking meters, or in Reserved Spaces, Service Spaces, or any other specially marked spaces. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Parking and Transportation on Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm at (305)284-3096 option 1, or contact Dr. Rachida Primov at (305) 284-8592.