Welcome to the Eleonore Graves Tripp
Modern Languages Laboratory

Lab Information

What is today the Eleonore Graves Tripp Modern Languages Laboratory at the University of Miami was established in the 1950s. In the late 1980’s, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Norman Tripp, the lab was radically upgraded and named the Eleonore Graves Tripp Foreign Languages Laboratory. Since then, the lab has been continuously updated and has kept abreast of the newest language learning technologies.

In 2007, following the name change from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures to the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, the lab accordingly changed its name to the Eleonore Graves Tripp Modern Languages Laboratory.

The Eleonore Graves Tripp Modern Languages Laboratory is located within the Merrick Building on the University of Miami's Coral Gables Campus. Currently, the Lab in Merrick Building 201 houses twenty iMac workstations configured to dual boot OS X and Windows 7. Each workstation is equipped with a microphone headset and has programs such as Office 2013 with language proofing tools, Skype, Audacity, and VLC media player. The equipment and programs allow students to utilize spelling and grammar checks for all nine of our languages, participate in Virtual Immersion sessions with classes from other countries, record oral assignments, and watch digitized videos from the MLL Lab film collection. Some digitized audio and video content can even be accessed directly from the Lab website under the remote access tab.

The brand new SMART Classroom in Merrick Building 205 contains twenty-five iMac workstations running both OS X and Windows 10. These workstations contain the same features as those in the Modern Languages Laboratory. For professors, this classroom also offers video/audio recording capabilities, a webcam for Skype Sessions, and a Mac-Mini teacher workstation where professor requested digitized films can be shown on the large projector screen.