Past lab members

Celeste Banfill
(M.S., 2020) SLAM! Boca Raton, Science Teacher.

Max Thompson
(Undergraduate Researcher, 2017-2018; Research Associate, December 2018 – July 2019) Ph.D. Student, University of California, San Francisco.

Hsiao-ling Lu 
(Visiting Scholar Summer 2018)

Honglin Feng
(Ph.D. 2017; Maytag Fellow) Postdoctoral Researcher, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Cornell University

Yu-Ching Hsu
(M.S. 2016)

Rebecca Duncan
(Ph.D. 2016) Miller Fellow, University of California at Berkeley

Nicolas Durand
(Postdoc, 2015-2016) Permanent Researcher, University of Orleans, France

Tirtha Lamichhane
(Graduate Rotation Student, 2014/2015)

Shuang Xu
(Graduate Rotation Student, 2014/2015)

Daniel R. G. Price
(Coauthor and coPI on NSF-IOS 1121847; Assistant Research Scientist 2010-2014) Moredun Research Institute, Scotland.

Douglas Nguyen
(NSF REU Summer 2014)

 Hsiao-ling Lu 
(Visiting Scholar 2013/2014) Graduate Student, National Taiwan University

Jessica Dell
(Undergraduate Researcher; Beyond the Book Fellow 2013; Honors Summer Research Fellow 2012)

Catherine Hernandez
(Undergraduate Researcher; HHMI Fellow) Research Assistant, Department of Biology, University of Miami

Paul Enger
(NSF REU Summer 2013)

Elizabeth Isner
(NSF REU Summer 2013)

Phillip F. Kushlan
(Coauthor; MS, 2011) PhD Student RSMAS, University of Miami

Nicholas Marco
(NSF REU Summer 2012)

Ryan McMinds
(Undergrad Researcher 2010-2012) PhD Student, Oregon State University

Cheeni Balasubramanian
(Undergrad Researcher Fall 2010)

Kate Hurley
(Coauthor; Undergrad Researcher 2007-2010) MD, Texas Tech University

Benjamin Carmel
(Undergraduate Researcher Spring 2010)

Derek Jones
(Coauthor; Research Associate 2008-2010; Undergrad Researcher 2006-2007) MD, University of South Florida

Anne Chen
(College of Arts and Sciences Women and Minorities Summer Research Fellow; Undergrad Researcher 2009) MD, University of Miami

Isabel Llanes
(Undergrad Researcher 2009)

Wenting Huang
(Coauthor; MS, 2009) PhD Student, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Julia Schwartz
(Coauthor; Honors Summer Research Fellow; Undergrad Researcher 2008) Mathematical Statistician at the Census Bureau.

Tania Wyss
(Coauthor; Graduate Student RA 2007-2008) Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Lausanne

Gabriel Walton
(HHMI Scholar; Undergraduate Researcher 2007-2008) MS Genomics and Computational Biology, University of Pennsylvania; Officer U.S. Marine Corps.

Diana Liu
(Undergrad Reseacher 2007) MD, University of Miami

Christie Buchovecky
(College of Arts and Sciences Women and Minorities Summer Research Fellow; Undergraduate Researcher 2007) PhD Student, Baylor College of Medicine.  See Christie talking about her dissertation research on YouTube.

Arjun Sondhi
(Undergrad Researcher 2006-2007) MD, University of Miami